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Music Producer⎜Composer⎜Sound Designer

Yuka Otsuki is a Berlin based awarded Music Composer with a focus on
Bespoke Music.



Yuka Otsuki is a Berlin, Stockholm and Tokyo -based bespoke music composer, specializing in the composition of advertising music, film music and theatre music. She has placed bespoke music in countries such as Germany, Japan, USA, Canada and the UK. Her bespoke music genres range from pop, urban, hip hop to experimental, electronic, cinematic and classical music. For her placements in the Jpop and Kpop industry, she has gained platinum status with artists such as Taemin, The Boyz, EXO, Nishino Kana and Kumi Koda. As a bespoke composer Yuka Otsuki regularly works with instrumentalists and studio singers in her Stockholm-based music studio. Feel free to get in touch for any kind of bespoke music project, whether it's advertising music, film music or artist music. 


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Yuka Otsuki
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